Shawn William Byrd likes Facebook and Youtube

Facebook and Youtube are phenomenal pieces of work. Shawn Byrd likes to use them for both surfing and information gathering purposes. If they are to be used to the benefit of the casual surfer, then using the search bar and clicking on similar links is all that is needed.

But, what if you have a business, and you need more exposure or additional resources? Both FB and YT can help you. Shawn William Byrd likes to embed videos from YT (this saves on your server space), and FB allows sharing to multiple audiences. You can also add buttons and metrics across websites to track and customize your client experience.

Helpful hints can be in video format, and Facebook is a ready-to-go forum for discussion.

Use it!

Music and Information Overload

There is so much information when it comes to the music industry. With the ending of an era like Whitney Houston, to superstars such as Beyonce and shows named American Idol, too many things are happening. Each seems to affect the other when things get out of control, or with the passing of a star. There are bound to be Youtube memorials, music covered by bands who never even met the stars that are not here, and new music and song lyrics dedicated to the memory of loved ones.

People will no doubt be making home-made videos in tribute to Whitney Houston, on Youtube. American Idol will probably have some themed episode, where music will be sung in the style of Beyonce: energetic and playful. Song lyrics will reflect peoples’ pain and hope for the future. Youtube will be video information overload.

How many choices, from Netflix streaming movies to Hulu paid, can we have?

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Hulu, Disney, and streaming options.

There are so many options for streaming movies, especially since the world of rentals has basically fractured. We have Netflix, which is two companies in one: Netflix streaming movies and disc rentals; Hulu (can you watch the Walking Dead for free?), they are free, but you can upgrade; Youtube, that’s the one everybody knows. Is Disney Continue reading “Hulu, Disney, and streaming options.” »

Is Netflix better than Youtube for entertainment?

I like to watch videos, and have used Hulu free, but want to upgrade to more. Movies, or shows, such as The Walking Dead, kids stuff on Disney, music videos by Bon Jovi (old school stuff) is usually on paysites. Do I spend the money for something like Netflix streaming movies, Continue reading “Is Netflix better than Youtube for entertainment?” »