Adriana Lima, Snooki, and Red Hair Enter a Bar…Fiction

So, there I was one day, sipping a cocktail at my local bar, admiring my face in the mirror, when who should walk in? Snooki, with red hair! Not only was her hair red, but her hair style was the beehive! It actually looked good on her. She sat down to the bar, first approaching it in what could only be a “flying falcon” yoga pose (I don’t know, but it looked like she was perching like a falcon). She asked to borrow my mirror to admire her face; I said “Why, of course.” In the reflection, I noticed that Adriana Lima has just entered, hair blowing in the breeze created by the flapping of the doors. I forgot to mention, the bar was a saloon, so it had those double-action swinging doors. Know what? She also had red hair! But the hair style was more Lady-Godiva. I just sat there thinking about yoga poses and the two of them (you know what I mean!).

So: Who Likes Hair? Blonde Hair or Red Hair?

There are so many types of hair that look good on women. Let’s face it, red hair is a definite favorite among many people. I wonder what Adriana Lima looks like with red hair? She has a nice face for sure, but I should browse her photos for some favorites. Anyway, there are three main colors: blonde, brunette, and red-head. All three are attractive, depending upon the woman who wears it. Snooki is a woman who has changed her hair color. She has also been doing yoga, and losing weight has also changed her face. Hair styles make a face look different, as does red hair (since it stands out).