I Have Many Interests, But What Should Shawn Byrd Do?

Have you found yourself wondering what happens when you have a multitude of interests, yet try to define or describe yourself in a paragraph or two? When Shawn William Byrd had that issue, he decided on a solution that is tailored to him. There is the “About Me” page, which is one version. That was programmed accordingly; included is also a picture. Here is another “Author” page included in this blog. This one is set in the wordpress blog when making the account.

Strange how the same blog can give two slightly different stories about the same person. But what if I also have a Twitter account, another social network such as MySpace, or any number of resume or job-related sites? I found that your target demographic is the only one that matters. Job hunting? Use LinkedIn or another resume (About.me or Google+, for instance) to post something relevant to your needs.

Everybody is different, and so are one’s interests, hobbies, skills, and friends. One should most definitely avoid posting compromising pictures or posts. Tagged on Facebook in a not-so-flattering way? Delete, delete, delete. Manage your online presence (or at a minimum, the profile you use most often). Why not have many versions of yourself out there, I do. Shawn William Byrd is multi-talented, and wants to display it wherever is appropriate and to his advantage. You should, too.

Oh, and it is much easier when one’s life is self-directed, not pre-defined and structured based upon certain career or employer restrictions.

It’s Nothing but Facebook

Do you realize how large Facebook has become? It dominates practically all social media sites, news, and product sites. Most people in the U.S. use it, or at least use an aspect of it. The Facebook login page is just like the twitter login: enter username and password. Simple. You can take Facebook mobile, on your phone or pad. I don’t think laptops count as mobile anymore, because it seems that the criteria is “must fit in one hand”. I’m sure some of the fake Facebook accounts are on Megaupload (which is going defunct, thanks to ACTA, etc.). Some apps were most likely on Megaupload, and would run under Facebook.

Facebook facebook, pizza pizza. It’s all about what the consumer wants. Sometimes, that is like what is offered through OkCupid. I suppose if you put your real information on that dating site (free, by the way), you could connect with Facebook. Go to twitter and tweet how your first date was a success! I don’t know, it’s up to you. OkCupid does seem to have a lot going for it, and it’s growing a bit like Facebook did.

How Do I Use Facebook?

If you are like most people, you might think Facebook is there just to keep up with your friends and relatives. Easier than the phone, but more interactive than email or “family” websites. There are others who use it to promote products or services, often combining with Twitter. Some even buy advertising on popular social sites like OkCupid. It depends on your goal: what is the ultimate purpose for your usage of FB, or even Facebook Mobile, if you have a smartphone.

There are a myriad of marketers who cross-promote with Twitter, and some of the software they “sell” is pirated from Megaupload, which used to store legitimate and pirated material. Just go to the Facebook login page to start your social site. You could even start with a “page” instead of a Facebook profile. It is more limited, but you could at least get your feet wet without hurting yourself in the process. Don’t think of using copyrighted material, as Megaupload has, on your profile. Just use links and shares to off-site content that is already made public. No problems, then.

Facebook: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? . . Fiction

Some say that Facebook has nefarious reasons to let people share the volumes of their life. From the moment the Facebook login page loads, it’s all the online world that surrounds you. Facebook allows you to get “virtually” lost, and if you need help just post a tweet on Twitter and maybe someone will come to rescue you. Maybe, you could find a mate (at least a brief companion) on OkCupid to join you. There is a wealth of information that Facebook has amassed, no way that you could fit it all on to Megaupload for everybody.

I suppose that is what they want. Make it too difficult to save and track what you have posted, which is to say your daily life. Some people can’t make it hours without using Facebook mobile, posting or on twitter where they ate lunch, bought a snack, or downloaded from Megaupload. Facebook facebook, whatever shall we do with you? Privacy changes that occur as frequently as they do allow you to know everything we do. What happens if we don’t post our life? Does the webcam on the laptop turn on and watch us, as in 1984? The police have been in trouble for that very thing…just sayin’.