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The 2012 Guide to Electronic Trading just came out, and our friends at TradeAlliesFX are listed inside! They have methods and tools available to help the individual trader make additional money in the FX markets.

These are mainly tools and semi-automated methods for making trades and extra money. There is no better computer than the human brain, but our desktop PC’s can execute instructions far faster than our fingers. It’s the melding of two great assets to help you Succeed At TradingĀ©

Methods of trading and what they mean (to me).

Welcome. I am here to discuss trading methodologies, their applications to my trading, and what I see and experience in my trading life. Whether it is about new ideas or the things that cross my path, I will try to put down what I think and how I go about analyzing it.

Let me say that I am more of a technical trader than a fundamental one. Now, there are times where one cannot ignore the fundamentals, but those eventually get built into the charts, and then they can be traded on a technical basis. I am better with numbers and such, so although pretty pictures look nice, it really boils down to “the odds”.

The pictures that charts make are extremely useful, because it is easy to notice patterns at a glance. The human brain is far more intuitive than any computer, especially when it comes to making sense of the abstract. Once patterns show themselves, then I am able to analyze the heck out of them. Have you noticed the waves that often develop? How about the fluctuations that occur during the day? I see sine waves all the time. If it looks like a regular pattern, chances are it probably is (within reason). That’s all you need for the basis of a method: anything you notice that has even a remote repetition.

Whether you trade using Stoch, RSI, Volumes, MA’s, etc., it all ends up being technical. Track how many times or not you buy or sell based upon any given indicator. What is your record overall? Those are the odds, my friends.

I hope what I do becomes as helpful to you as it has been in helping to get me here.