What Does Shawn William Byrd Have in Store for 2014?

We don’t really know what the end of 2013 will bring for Shawn William Byrd, but we do know that the year will end somewhere in the evening of December 31, 2013. Seems to happen around the same time every year. Haha.

Was it a difficult year? That depends upon your perspective. Once you get a few years under your belt (meaning you are getting older), there are always tough decisions to make, losses to bear, and gains that are wonderful!

Do I really need to get to 500 words for this? No, because this is my post, not some SEO crunch or paid piece. Although, feel free to donate PayPal to me! The new year will, hopefully, be filled with happiness and joy, richness and fullness, healthfulness and loch ness.

See you in the future!

Here’s to Shawn William Byrd Copying an Informational Edit

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Top 5 Facts about The Fourth of July…Shawn William Byrd Thinks Funny!

Ok, you asked for it, so Shawn William Byrd is posting the top 5 facts about The Fourth of July:

In no particular order, they are:

1. It falls on the same day of the month, every year;
2. 99% of the time it is in the summer months;
3. There are plenty of burn accidents;
4. Pretty fires light up the sky;
5. Freedom, baby!

Of course, there are the barbeque gatherings, the fun with the fireworks (for those of you who live in a fireworks-friendly state), and the feeling of freedom.

If the facts seem a bit out of sorts, just know this: they are correct to within +/-1%, and they make more sense than not. Really, read them out loud and determine whether or not the previous sentence is accurate. As for being the “Top 5″, for the purpose of this article you can be your bottom dollar that they are. I mean, Shawn William Byrd is an authority on this [on this website], and will not obfuscate or bend the truth in any way. Neither for dollars nor pounds. Maybe pound cake, but not, because cheese cake is far superior. This is also a dessert served at many of the barbeques mentioned above.

Usually, the weather has to hold-out in order for the sky rockets to take flight. Look at the picture below, and tell my what you see:

This rainbow was seen and photographed by Shawn William Byrd. He is a researcher and has written numerous articles and performed experiments with electronics. This is one of his blogs that carries his articles.

A pretty rainbow, as Shawn William Byrd has photographed.

The weather has cooperated at that park, and a rainbow was left in place of the rain that had previously fallen. Thank you for looking, and Shawn William Byrd hopes that you and yours will continue to enjoy the Fourth of July, here in the U.S.

DHS Keywords are Shawn William Byrd ‘s Favorite!

So, here is something Shawn William Byrd is presenting that sticks in the craw of many – keywords. Namely, those being scanned by the government and especially the DHS. Found a list somewhere, and here are a few of them.

Domestic Security

Domestic security
Law enforcement
Disaster assistance
Disaster management
DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office)
National preparedness
Dirty bomb
Domestic nuclear detection
Emergency management
Emergency response
First responder
Homeland security
Maritime domain awareness(MDA)
National preparedness
Shots fired
Explosion (explosive)
PoliceDisaster medical assistanceteam (DMAT)
Organized crime
National security
State of emergency
Standoff SWAT
Bomb (squad or threat)
Emergency Landing
Pipe bomb

This is only one section, of course. Why would I publish this? Why not. Free speech and all that, right?

Should I worry about what happens? No, because I am probably already on the radar, with my family and whatnot.

Word is That Shawn William Byrd is Fixing the Google+ Button, ’cause they changed!

Something happened when Google changed their “+” button, notes Shawn William Byrd. AddThis does not have it anymore (at least not easily). So, here is the Google code for it, and hopefully it works.

North Korea has some issues, notes Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

I hear that North Korea, the DPRK, has some interesting nuclear news, Shawn Byrd has discovered. They are attempting to target the United States with nuclear weapons. Really, they have a rocket and everything!

Bomb strain posted by Shawn Byrd

How much credence should be given to this? Not much, but baby steps can take a person far. Of course, a rocket doesn’t step, it launches into the air, but it doesn’t fly, either. Through constant thrust, it travels. Ooh, baby, thrust! Digression…

Let’s see what the world would be like with a rocket attack on the U.S. It will be an either-or outcome. The United States has become kinda crappy with it’s response to attacks, especially with the Obama Administration. He is not a stand-up kind of President. He is, however, a street-minded politician who would doubly stab you in the back, or sucker punch you. The U.S. would probably whine and cry, because they would not try to wipe off the map an aggressor. Unless a nuclear bomb hit a major city like L.A., or Seattle. Then, maybe, there would be an issue.

One bomb, one strike, one win. The DPRK would now take over the U.S., because nobody wants to use nuclear weapons, right? I’d use them if it would save buttloads of lives. Ending a war quickly and efficiently makes sense, but some like to draw it out. So, DPRK wins, and we have food stalls all over the place, no weapons allowed, and we must bow to our great leader. Sci fi people would go ape, because all the propaganda posters and whatnot would be just like the movies. Get an “in” with the new government, and live the life of luxury.

Then, the world is the only thing left between this daydream and reality.

Shawn William Byrd Finds This Funny

So, you are trying to set your spam on my blog, huh?

How about, I delete the majority of the crap, remove your smarmy website link, and then:

Replace it with my own!

That’s right, look for http://www.shawn-william-byrd.com all over the place.

Just for the name shout-out. Shawn Byrd, that’s right. Go to my About Me page here on this site.

Shawn William Byrd likes Facebook and Youtube

Facebook and Youtube are phenomenal pieces of work. Shawn Byrd likes to use them for both surfing and information gathering purposes. If they are to be used to the benefit of the casual surfer, then using the search bar and clicking on similar links is all that is needed.

But, what if you have a business, and you need more exposure or additional resources? Both FB and YT can help you. Shawn William Byrd likes to embed videos from YT (this saves on your server space), and FB allows sharing to multiple audiences. You can also add buttons and metrics across websites to track and customize your client experience.

Helpful hints can be in video format, and Facebook is a ready-to-go forum for discussion.

Use it!