When Will 1984 Get Here, Asks Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

What happens when a society gets so corrupted by power and control, that not even Shawn William Byrd can manage to wrap his head around it? I suppose it will be a bit like George Orwell’s 1984.

One thing that I find interesting, is when reference to 1984 is meant to be exactly like the book. A true antagonist would tell you that only the core concepts need be followed. Change in attitudes towards other countries and belief systems, crowd and population control, surveillance of the populace, and the criminalization of and desensitization to most things. This “creeping” effect is what is dangerous and can get someone to their ultimate goal of total power.

It’s a shame, says Shawn Byrd, that this is happening. Ask those from other countries that had to fight for their freedom, they will tell you how precious and important it is. Most citizens here don’t know jack, and they are perfectly content to keep their head in the sand. Vernacular, love it!

This is not a rant or crazy idea post, but a heads-up on how ignorant of the past are too many people.

Look at history, look at the greed of others, look at how irrational behavior gets in levels of power that can control your every move. Think.

Get Your Ducks In A Row…by Shawn William Byrd – Fiction

Did you know that Shawn William Byrd found out what the term “ducks in a row” means? It goes a little like this:

Shawn William Byrd ducks small a picture of three plastic ducks

Shawn William Byrd ducks small a picture of three plastic ducks

Bakers would have to get there ingredients, and especially the yeast, ready for the days’ baking. Their method for setting up their workspace was such that all things aligned at the edge of the table, so it would be easy for them to place the various ingredients in the mixer.

Once they finished mixing the dough, and after the final rise, but just before they placed the pans in the oven, is when the magic happened. The way they let people know that the bread would be ready to eat was to place their pet ducks in the windows of the shop. Each baker was required (by order of the King), to have three ducks on premises at all times.

Now, the ducks did not like the smell of the yeasty bread, so they would huddle together in the window, and since it was a narrow sill, they would look as if they were “in a row”. Shawn Byrd believes this, and so should you!

When Will The Shooting Stop…by Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

Of the many things in the news, Shawn Byrd has noticed the Second Amendment fights, the gun debate, and all the tin foil hat stuff. There is the Adam Lanza thing, which nobody seems to be able to get their head around. What if, and I’m just going out on a limb, but what if this world was just like The Matrix? It would then all make sense, right.

Imagine, nobody is really hurt or dead, because it is a simulation in our brain. There is no disease or famine, no pain or suffering. Even the bullets are simply the simulated nerve signals, and our brain believes them to be real. It was an intriguing movie, and if true, all the questions of life would be answered.

However, Shawn thinks that we would now have to explain the reality before the simulation. So maybe this is the pre-simulation part of the story, and all this pain and fighting is real.


Lasagne recipe by Shawn Byrd

Here is my recipe for homemade lasagne. I hope you like it.

Ingredients (for a square pan):

(6) Lasagne noodles (each becomes 1-1/2x the pan length)

(24) ounces sauce *see end of article

(12) ounces cottage cheese, small curd

(16) ounces mozzarella cheese, lowfat

Basil and Oregano

Shawn Byrd Lasagne ingredients

Take note that the ingredients (except for the noodles) are give-and-take. I just do this by eye. It fits in the pan well, but if you make it too tall, it simmers over the edge and takes extra time to cook.

First, boil your noodles. Make them al dente. This way they help absorb some of the liquid that is generated during cooking the prepared lasagne. There are oven-ready noodles, but not sure how those would turn out. Depending on the wetness of the sauce, they could be good.

Second, mash the cottage cheese with a small fork (or whatever you want), to give it a creamy consistency. It will actually look a lot like ricotta. Add basil and oregano. It doesn’t show well in the picture above, but probably use a couple teaspoonfuls of each.

Now, spread a little sauce on the bottom of the pan, like below. No need to spray it.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne

Next, lay down some noodles for your first layer.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne noodles

Then, put a bit of the cottage cheese mixture on the noodles.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne cottage cheese

Next, lather some sauce on top.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne sauce

After that, sprinkle some cheese. It will melt down, so you don’t worry too much about the height. If you like the look of cheese for the top (so that it would be completely covered, brown & melty), just go somewhat light during the first 2 layers.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne cheese layer

Ok, so do this above step for a total of 3 layers. The top cheese should look nice; cover the sauce at the corners if you can. The edges make the whole thing look finished, once cooked.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne top cheese

Lastly, tent it with foil (so the cheese doesn’t stick to the top). Spray the foil if you like.

Shawn Byrd Lasagne foiled

Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour. Remove the foil, and hit it for another 10 minutes or so. You can CAREFULLY use the top broiler on low if you so choose. Please don’t burn the cheese! That’s almost a sin!

And, this is what it looks like: OOPS! I ate it, so I don’t have a picture. It was good, trust me. I’ve tried twice to get a cooked picture, but I always forget :)

*The sauce is homemade, a bit thicker than the watery store stuff. And more flavorful.I could put the recipe up, but I don’t know, it’s awfully good…

Shawn William Byrd Finds This Funny

So, you are trying to set your spam on my blog, huh?

How about, I delete the majority of the crap, remove your smarmy website link, and then:

Replace it with my own!

That’s right, look for http://www.shawn-william-byrd.com all over the place.

Just for the name shout-out. Shawn Byrd, that’s right. Go to my About Me page here on this site.

Shawn William Byrd likes Facebook and Youtube

Facebook and Youtube are phenomenal pieces of work. Shawn Byrd likes to use them for both surfing and information gathering purposes. If they are to be used to the benefit of the casual surfer, then using the search bar and clicking on similar links is all that is needed.

But, what if you have a business, and you need more exposure or additional resources? Both FB and YT can help you. Shawn William Byrd likes to embed videos from YT (this saves on your server space), and FB allows sharing to multiple audiences. You can also add buttons and metrics across websites to track and customize your client experience.

Helpful hints can be in video format, and Facebook is a ready-to-go forum for discussion.

Use it!

Shawn William Byrd and About Me

So, as Shawn William Byrd was thinking about it, how about adding a link to the About Me page? Well, this is the About Me for this site. Just click!

You can also go to the main page for this blog, My Relevant Postings.

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Shawn William Byrd has a domain name

If you want additional information on the author of many of these posts, why don’t you check out Shawn William Byrd dot com. That will begin your journey to discovery.

There is so much more to a person than what is available in a quick glance. How is it that Shawn William Byrd can live life feeling as if it is a gift? Because it is a miracle that any of us survive without battle scars, or stress, or irritants in our life.

And this may seem like a duplicate post, but it does contain a lot of information similar to others, so take that!

Think about it, visit www.shawn-william-byrd.com, and see for yourself!

Shawn William Byrd is also here!

If you want some additional information, why don’t you check out the author at Shawn William Byrd dot com. That will begin to house various personal descriptions and products that he makes.

There is so much more to a person than what is available in a quick glance. How is it that Shawn William Byrd can live life feeling as if it is a gift? Because it is a miracle that any of us survive without battle scars, or stress, or irritants in our life.

Think about it, visit www.shawn-william-byrd.com, and see for yourself!

I Have Many Interests, But What Should Shawn Byrd Do?

Have you found yourself wondering what happens when you have a multitude of interests, yet try to define or describe yourself in a paragraph or two? When Shawn William Byrd had that issue, he decided on a solution that is tailored to him. There is the “About Me” page, which is one version. That was programmed accordingly; included is also a picture. Here is another “Author” page included in this blog. This one is set in the wordpress blog when making the account.

Strange how the same blog can give two slightly different stories about the same person. But what if I also have a Twitter account, another social network such as MySpace, or any number of resume or job-related sites? I found that your target demographic is the only one that matters. Job hunting? Use LinkedIn or another resume (About.me or Google+, for instance) to post something relevant to your needs.

Everybody is different, and so are one’s interests, hobbies, skills, and friends. One should most definitely avoid posting compromising pictures or posts. Tagged on Facebook in a not-so-flattering way? Delete, delete, delete. Manage your online presence (or at a minimum, the profile you use most often). Why not have many versions of yourself out there, I do. Shawn William Byrd is multi-talented, and wants to display it wherever is appropriate and to his advantage. You should, too.

Oh, and it is much easier when one’s life is self-directed, not pre-defined and structured based upon certain career or employer restrictions.