Time for Famous Quotes and Books!

Well, how about making a movie about something not-so-well-known, from a book that was written by a famous author (Dr. Seuss), and selling the crap out of it? It’s the Lorax! Not to say that it is a bad book or anything, but the lengths people will go to make money is astounding. I bet sales on Amazon for books like The Lorax that can be downloaded to the Kindle have skyrocketed. Amazon.com must be doing amazing business, not only for The Lorax, but also for any book by Dr. Seuss. His quotes, stories, and even related authors are probably hot right now.

He has written very entertaining stories, both for children and adults. There are some lessons there that we could all learn. His quotes seem to be timeless, and his books are illustrated in such a fun way, what is there not to love? So, who gets the money from the Dr. Seuss books and movies, now?

Book or Kindle (E-book Readers, Love ‘Em?)

Who is of the new or old generation? Do you have anything made of paper, like a book? Or, do you have your eyes glued to a Kindle, checking Facebook constantly? Do you love quotes from dusty tomes, or does your inquisitive, Sherlock mind browse the web and Facebook for love quotes and such; trying to impress others with your wit or wisdom?


Sometimes, a book is easier to access than something on Kindle. Why? You can flip through hundreds of pages quickly, dog-ear them, jot down a love quote or two, and surf on Facebook. The modern era is making books seem like moving pictures, like movies about Sherlock Holmes (there are remakes & new versions). A 2-hour movie is easier to “read” than either a book or Kindle. Gotta love visuals!

Don’t Quote Me, For the Love of Sherlock!

How many times have you wanted quotes to add to your conversations, only to get a book and pore through it because you “just can’t remember?” You might need to act like Sherlock, and get digging! There are quotes for practically everything. There’s love quotes, helpful hints, and snippets that convey a general flirty attitude. Of course, instead of a book, try looking on Facebook. I bet there are profiles dedicated to quotes. If you have a Kindle or other reader, just download your favorite love quotes and woo your significant other. You could even quote Sherlock, as in “It’s elementary!” or “No @$%!, Sherlock!”. Same meaning, different crowd. Love it or hate it, just don’t get too obscure.