What Recipes to Use for Pizza and Chicken?

We all love it – pizza! It doesn’t matter where it comes from: if it’s off of a Dominos menu or the little pizza pizza guy selling it to us. There are a lot of recipes for pizza, too. Some sauces are sweet, others are tangy or spicy. There’s some that are downright bland. Did you know chicken can go on pizza? I think there was one on the Dominos menu before, with a white garlic sauce. Allrecipes probably has some pretty good recipes for variations of chicken pizza. How about a prime rib recipe to go on pizza? That doesn’t sound good, but by itself it would be great! Have you ever had prime rib? It’s in the rare category, with plenty of marbling (read: fatty sections). But, that is why it tastes so scrumptious. Allrecipes would definitely have that recipe, and you could make a side of sweet potato pie, or some other sweet potato recipe; maybe a baked version instead of Idaho. Maybe a potato pizza recipe?

Which is Better For You: Pizza or Prime Rib?

When people say that pizza is bad for you, maybe they haven’t tried any prime rib recipe. It’s full of fat, salt, etc. But it is delicious. Of course, your “pizza pizza” menu or Dominos menu has alternatives that are just as bad. Don’t let that stand in your way, though. Eat the meaty part of the prime rib recipe, leave the fat. For pizza, order a version that has chicken, or get your own recipe from allrecipes. While browsing, look up one for sweet potato pie, or a candied sweet potato. Those use lots of butter, so just count your calories/fat intake. What else does the Dominos menu have? I think, chicken wings with dipping sauce. The skins have lots of fat, and the sauce is usually oil-based. Careful on your counts. Of course, your pizza pizza guy has inexpensive specials, but one reason is there is less cheese than some of the other restaurants. That’s a built-in calorie counter right there!

I do Love My Pizza With Prime Rib Recipe!…Fiction

Starting with a large dough ball, I add sauce, cheese, chicken, maybe some sweet potato, meat (my prime rib recipe makes a fantastic topper), and anything else around the kitchen. I bet the Dominos menu doesn’t have anything like this! I went to Allrecipes for my chicken recipes (also my sweet potato recipes), and just kept adding until the whole process went out of control. The pizza ends up being about 2 feet square (about an oven rack’s worth of area). It takes a while to cook, but it is worth it. Once in the oven, all I can think of is “pizza pizza”, over and over in my head. The sweet potato boiling usually leaves a ring of orange in the pot, so clean up is a must. If they removed from the cost on the Dominos menu for the equipment used to clean their dishes, you’d probably save some money. Those machine are expensive! Well, the timer is chiming, better eat it now. Hot pizza is so much better than cold, but some of you might say otherwise. Maybe, I’ll put the recipes for this total deal up on Allrecipes. Mmm, pizza.