Is Online Banking Available Through H&R Block?

It seems that for a while most any bank, such as Wells Fargo or Chase Bank, even Bank of America, would provide tax services. H&R Block and Turbotax only have tax services (as far as I know), but now banks are separating what they provide into independent companies. You could take your tax refund, go to Chase Bank online, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America and use it to cover your margin call. You could add it to your bank account balance; spend it with your debit card! Banks are so big nowadays, could Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, or Bank of America get your business by providing tax services like H&R Block or Turbotax? They all end up doing the same things, as far as I’m concerned.

I Have a Margin Call, Bank to the Rescue!…Fiction

When I was transferring buckets of cash between my Wells Fargo and Bank of America accounts, I realized I needed my Chase Bank online settings. I misplaced the bank information, and now my margin call is a staggering gazillion dollars! I think what happened was, while using H&R Block, my partner also used Turbotax, at the same time, and we got a double refund. Well, the Wells Fargo balance looked great, so did Bank of America. My Chase bank account went negative (I checked online after I was denied a purchase on my debit card). Sure enough, the pack of gum I bought last week pushed it over the limit. Margin call, smargin call. I just transferred cash, and I’m rich again!

What’s a Good Way to Make Money Online?

People view the internet in many different ways. Some like it for entertainment, others for utilitarian purposes, i.e.: reference and encyclopedia. But, a good many use it for business. You can even start as small as you want, with a free website hosted by others! Why don’t you try out InboxDollars? You might make something out of it, especially working your own hours. Start with one task, then add another.

Like most people, money is needed for everyday life (unless you are extremely lucky). Try to branch out, and instead of having just one job, add many other methods to make some extra money. InboxDollars could help you out with that. Do you save your aluminum cans for the scrap yard? How about your yearly spring yard sale? Those are all methods many of us use to make extra money.

Just think of what you could do if you were able to make a living online, at your own pace, with your own hours! Keep doing what you are doing during the week, but add an extra income path like InboxDollars to your portfolio, and you could be making that money you want sooner than you may think.