What’s a Good Way to Make Money Online?

People view the internet in many different ways. Some like it for entertainment, others for utilitarian purposes, i.e.: reference and encyclopedia. But, a good many use it for business. You can even start as small as you want, with a free website hosted by others! Why don’t you try out InboxDollars? You might make something out of it, especially working your own hours. Start with one task, then add another.

Like most people, money is needed for everyday life (unless you are extremely lucky). Try to branch out, and instead of having just one job, add many other methods to make some extra money. InboxDollars could help you out with that. Do you save your aluminum cans for the scrap yard? How about your yearly spring yard sale? Those are all methods many of us use to make extra money.

Just think of what you could do if you were able to make a living online, at your own pace, with your own hours! Keep doing what you are doing during the week, but add an extra income path like InboxDollars to your portfolio, and you could be making that money you want sooner than you may think.

Who wants money?

How much money do you want to make? A lot? How quickly?

When people see Forex or Futures, they think fortunes WILL be made. I believe they think this because it is all about money. Buying and selling money. How someone goes about making it is an entirely different matter. A bank has a lot of money (well, you don’t see it in person like you used to), but that doesn’t mean I will get a lot on my savings account.

There are plenty of people, myself included, who have made large amounts of money in a short period of time. It is a good feeling when, after a basic analysis and then placing (3) phone calls for a grand total of 15 minutes, profit shows up to the tune of about 1000 bucks! Know what? It’s lost just as easily, faster even.

As a trader, you MUST determine your emotional capacity for risk (time and money), as well as your account’s ability to absorb losses. You want to come out swinging, but remember that you will miss at times. So, you want to be able to come out swinging AGAIN and AGAIN.

2% is my magic number. It may seem counter-intuitive to reverse the leverage, but staying power does have it’s benefits. This is actually prevalent among the traders that I view as successful. It may seem like almost nothing at all, but if you make a small amount on each trade, and are able to duplicate that 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 times per day, guess what? You are well on your way. Do you realize that if you have a micro account with, say a $100 balance, and you pull 2 cents per hour (2 pips at 1 cent, minimum trade size), that comes to 48 cents per day. So what? But look: There are roughly 250 trading days per year. 0.48 x 250 = $120. That’s over 100% ROI per year! Not too bad. And it’s “only pennies”.

Overtrade, and you most likely will blow out your account (many of us have done that). Undertrade, and I don’t know. Undertrade using many methods, and the large numbers you want could show themselves before you know it…