What Happened to Apartments For Rent?

No matter the economic climate, there are always apartments for rent. They may be expensive, like in Davos, Switzerland (of course those would be booked for the WEF), or if you have the credit and can get a loan, maybe check Zillow for homes and find out if you are able to purchase instead of rent. This places you in a situation where you must stay put, and apartments are no longer an option. Maybe, rent your vacation at Massanutten! I don’t know if Zillow has those values.

There are homes that people around the world swap for vacations. Find one in Davos and go skiing! Massanutten has the timeshare points program, so you could rent apartments in another state when traveling. If you have that cash position, rent may be the best option for you, because you can “try before you buy”. Like city life? There are bound to be apartments for rent in your favorite areas. How about the slower-paced rural idea? Again, homes and farms are for rent all over. You could be on a mini-vacation every year!