Stress, Santa Claus, and the Lottery

Have you noticed how stressful are the holidays? Christmas is one where Santa Claus brings gifts to all. But the pressure to be Santa Claus can be overwhelming. Even my dog would notice the chaos and how unhealthy it is. Why do we put up with this? It all seems to be that way. Know anyone who has no money, but plays the lottery, hoping for “the big one”? That’s stressful, too. Christmas in a household like that is geared to being able to have something, anything, to give. Norad could locate any number of homes where the opposite is true, except the expectations are very high. Why? It’s as if we are like those angry birds: just put us where you want, we’ll make a mess for you, but it is also what you want. You still can’t win, though. Things still won’t be going your way. Maybe, if I win the Florida lottery and all those millions, my problems will be solved! But you are still you, and until you change how you let things affect you, no lottery or talking dog will save your sanity at Christmas.