Win All The Kindles on Amazon. . . Fiction

How to win a contest. That’s the big question. Another question is how to win Kindle readers from a place like Amazon, or even another site such as eBay, if there is no contest? Easy, make it us using the magic wand you bought from that magic shop on eBay. If it is near the end of the school year, make sure to buy your prom dresses early, because you don’t want to end up at Walmart for that (it’s not necessarily bad, but there is no magic in prete-a-porter wear, it must be custom). Real magic, because this is a real (read: fake) article. Groupon usually has the witches brew ingredients on special, but it’s not labeled that way, and eBay usually has it. They take Paypal, which is magic for money.

Using your kindle, you can read the spell book that was purchased from eBay (I don’t know, but does Amazon carry stuff like that?). Put on you magic dress, which they all coincidentally look like prom dresses, and speak the special words: Oh Wah Tah Na… You know the rest! Now while in dream land (you do realize this is not real) you can order deals through Groupon that zero out the cost!

Help Me, Sherlock! I Love Books!…Fiction

So, I love quotes, I love Facebook, and I love books. My repository includes e-books on my Kindle. Sherlock asked me one day, “Why do you write so much about so little?” I replied, “Love is a many-splendored thing.” To which he exclaimed, “What is love?” I immediately went to Facebook to find out. I take all my serious thoughts from love quotes. “Romeo, wherefore art thou?” See, I need information, where “art” it? I have this book, really it’s a manual I got from my Kindle that I printed, on how to navigate on Facebook. Guess what? I ran out of memory, so now I have no more quotes or love.

Book or Kindle (E-book Readers, Love ‘Em?)

Who is of the new or old generation? Do you have anything made of paper, like a book? Or, do you have your eyes glued to a Kindle, checking Facebook constantly? Do you love quotes from dusty tomes, or does your inquisitive, Sherlock mind browse the web and Facebook for love quotes and such; trying to impress others with your wit or wisdom?


Sometimes, a book is easier to access than something on Kindle. Why? You can flip through hundreds of pages quickly, dog-ear them, jot down a love quote or two, and surf on Facebook. The modern era is making books seem like moving pictures, like movies about Sherlock Holmes (there are remakes & new versions). A 2-hour movie is easier to “read” than either a book or Kindle. Gotta love visuals!

Don’t Quote Me, For the Love of Sherlock!

How many times have you wanted quotes to add to your conversations, only to get a book and pore through it because you “just can’t remember?” You might need to act like Sherlock, and get digging! There are quotes for practically everything. There’s love quotes, helpful hints, and snippets that convey a general flirty attitude. Of course, instead of a book, try looking on Facebook. I bet there are profiles dedicated to quotes. If you have a Kindle or other reader, just download your favorite love quotes and woo your significant other. You could even quote Sherlock, as in “It’s elementary!” or “No @$%!, Sherlock!”. Same meaning, different crowd. Love it or hate it, just don’t get too obscure.