Home Depot Versus Lowes

Have a home improvement project you want to construct? Try out the Home Depot or Lowes. They are the major retailers to consumers for al their project and how to needs. They often supply the builders when they promote shows on HGTV, and other networks. Whether you are making a coffee nook for your Keurig machine in the kitchen, or want to know how to remodel your bathroom, you can count on the Home Depot (or Lowes) for their employee helpers or weekly workshops. There are Home Depot locations all over, as well as Lowes. Both have appliances, building materials, paint, etc. I don’t see a difference in the two companies. There is no business nook in which either has a niche. They both do the same thing: show you how to build and where to buy the stuff, even have a single cup Keurig coffee while you are waiting for your order to be pulled!

Are Home Depot and Lowes the Same?

One is orange, the other blue. Both sell how to knowledge and Keurig machines. Both have been on shows like HGTV. Home Depot and Lowes are basically the same company. They compete against each other, they have no special nook for you to place them – they sell building supplies to the average consumer. Both have retail accounts, and the Home Depot locations seem to be as numerous as Lowes’. Sometimes, they are even across the street from each other. If they are filming HGTV, do they check one company’s prices against the other? They both have how to clinics, and employees who know what to do (not all of them, look for the old guys).

Super House Came From Home Depot…Fiction

The order: build a mansion for HGTV using the how to knowledge from Keurig (yeah, the house will be wide awake, meaning the lights always are on) and wood from Lowes. This is to be built in stages at various Home Depot locations around the country. There must be a breakfast nook (with countertop for Keurig machine), a kitchen that has 4 ovens & 2 dishwashers (supplied by Home Depot), and bathroom fixtures from Lowes. HGTV will be filming for 3 days only, so paint will be wet, cement putty-like. What does Lowes and Home Depot get out of it? The book nook knows, however his way of knowing how to build so quickly will be kept secret. Until he has his first coffee, though.