Fantasy Football and the Superbowl. . . Fiction

What if football players not only wore protective gear, but it was metal and covered with spikes? How about fantasy football using a combination of defensive materials and offensive weaponry. Not swords or guns or fantasy stuff like “spells”, but spring-loaded weapons. Like toys, only on a large scale. Espn could call it “Crushing Ball”, and the Superbowl would carry the moniker of “Superdome”, like Thunderdome. Coaches that do stupid things like Joe Paterno (is the verdict in, yet?) would be part of the Superbowl half-time show. I won’t describe it, but you can imagine what thousands of violent, mob-mentality people would do. Espn could list stats on players like their ability to withstand an onslaught, or maybe their basketball prowess.

In this game, basketball would actually be a metal ball that may or may not explode. Not as strong as a grenade, but concussive none-the-less. Go to the endzone and act like Tebow, see if the other team rushes you. Show-offs could be punted, or launched in a catapult like a basketball going for a three-pointer, except it’s 50 yard this time. The Superbowl would seem more like a post-apocalyptic theater than a sportsmanlike event. It always goes to sci-fi, end-of-the-world scenarios, doesn’t it?

Sports Writing at the Superbowl

If you had to write anything about sports, you could try basketball. Back and forth, in a closed space, nothing to do but watch the floor. Or, you could turn on Espn and hope that you go to the Superbowl! Maybe you will sit at the 50, or perhaps hang around the endzone, waiting for a Tebow event. Either way, Espn should be hiring you to do the writing. Superbowl Sunday is the one sporting event that doesn’t need an introduction. With coaches like Joe Paterno, a temporary shadow is cast on the game, but eventually it’s all about the players and that few hours of game.

Can a basketball player tackle another guy, and break his leg in the shuffle? I don’t think so. Espn would be all over that if it happened. The crowd would “boo” the offending player, and then everyone would wonder how the game could continue. The Superbowl has thousands of fans waiting for something like that. Violence is part of the game. Joe Paterno or players who are brutes cause negative press for sports, but in the end competition is also about who gets kicked out of the game. Tebow, that y’all!

Love The Superbowl!

Let’s face it, the Superbowl is the sports event of the year. Teams duke it out throughout the season, pitting coach against coach (sorry, Joe Paterno), and eventually make it to the big game. Basketball doesn’t hold anything to the Superbowl. Espn reports on all of the sports, but come on, which has the most excitement, the most possibility for injury, and the most awesome (usually) half-time shows? The Superbowl, baby!

In basketball, you could do a dance, but football you get to Tebow! There’s plenty of scandals, like Tebow – kinda tame, and infamous – Joe Paterno. Yeah, unsavory. But it’s almost like watching your own “sports gods” of ancient Rome. Go to the coliseum, see the Superbowl. You go to an arena for basketball, and it’s cramped and indoors. Let’s see them throw a half-court shot in the snow! The Espn announcers get there cushy booth, but the players feel the heat of summer or the cold of winter (relative weather conditions). I know it’s not played in the summer, but there are some parts of the country where it gets hot early. Like Georgia, or Florida. They don’t have a dry heat there, ya know.