Win All The Kindles on Amazon. . . Fiction

How to win a contest. That’s the big question. Another question is how to win Kindle readers from a place like Amazon, or even another site such as eBay, if there is no contest? Easy, make it us using the magic wand you bought from that magic shop on eBay. If it is near the end of the school year, make sure to buy your prom dresses early, because you don’t want to end up at Walmart for that (it’s not necessarily bad, but there is no magic in prete-a-porter wear, it must be custom). Real magic, because this is a real (read: fake) article. Groupon usually has the witches brew ingredients on special, but it’s not labeled that way, and eBay usually has it. They take Paypal, which is magic for money.

Using your kindle, you can read the spell book that was purchased from eBay (I don’t know, but does Amazon carry stuff like that?). Put on you magic dress, which they all coincidentally look like prom dresses, and speak the special words: Oh Wah Tah Na… You know the rest! Now while in dream land (you do realize this is not real) you can order deals through Groupon that zero out the cost!

Walmart: Low Level Amazon, or Not?

People often complain about shopping at Walmart, and make fun of others who shop there. First of all, it’s rude to make fun of others, especially if you have shopped there. What’s good for the goose… Anyway, Amazon carries a wide variety of practically everything. Even eBay does that, but you can just walk in to a brick and mortar store and buy prom dresses, or electronics such as a kindle. It doesn’t really matter where you get electronics, even if you have good deals through Groupon or go somewhere you think is beneath you, because it’s the same product. Ebay carries the same Kindle as would a store such as Walmart, but now you have a new worry. I’ll get to Paypal in a minute.

There are scammers on eBay! Some shops or profiles are set up and allowed to sit, or buy stuff from other fake profiles to look legitimate after a period of time. Then, BAM, you pay with Paypal, your money goes out-of-country, and you are stuck. It happens on Amazon, too. If you are looking at the big-ticket items like prom dresses (not the chincy ones), you better go into a store, because you should try it on for size, and the store won’t skip town on you.

Ebay and Amazon: Worth the Account?

There are usually two places that carry most merchandise for online purchasing, that is eBay and also Amazon. Both of them have individual sellers, but Amazon has it’s own storefront. Shipping can vary on eBay, but that’s because it is full of individual sellers. Some offer free shipping, others have discounts for multiple items. You are able to use Paypal on eBay, but not on Amazon. So, if you are planning on that Kindle purchase, you might want to check Walmart instead of eBay, in case you don’t have a Paypal account.

Whether you are purchasing prom dresses for your daughters or nieces, or looking for Groupon specials, make sure you shop the online sellers. Sometime things on Walmart dot com are less expensive, due to the fact that they have site to store shipping. You can’t use Paypal, but you do save on shipping costs. You shouldn’t really buy prom dresses from online retailers. How do you know they look right? There’s no virtual fitting room available. Not yet, anyway.