Obama Wrote Himself a Blank Check. As Noted by Shawn William Byrd

Obama wrote himself a blank check through February 7, 2014.
I hope everybody caught that.
Whatever the Congresspeople who were trying to block whatever it was that they were trying to not have done, backfired. Unless they knew this is what was going to happen, and tried to stop it.
Read the bill, people.
Furloughed workers all get back pay, so do the States get reimbursed if they spent money to cover federal stuff. That seems reasonable (I know I would want my paycheck to be paid). There are a number of programs that have limits set, others are funded for “operations” – basically, what they need to operate. Define “need”, yea right.
The Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial is not continuing at the moment. The NDAA gets a blank check, so does some other military stuff and things under the NSA (mainly Homeland and war on terror stuff – the regular military is stuck with what they previously budgeted), and the Debt Limit will match whatever they can spend! – See Sec. 1002(c)(2) for that.
Oh, and the normal Disapproval process is suspended, and instead of going to Committee, a law must be passed within 22 days.
This means that, if a project was to be funded, it is now funded. If funding is wanted for something, the normal approval process of apportionments is now to be disregarded, so you get it.
Oh, and the “income verification” thing for Obamacare is no big deal. It was already in the law, and there were no details in place as to how it was to be done, anyway. It seems they only were to check on SSN/citizenship status. If they didn’t, then illegals could get a premium credit by lying, and there would be no checking on that for at least a year. Coverage/premium credits is only for a citizen/national/lawful alien. I know, those are not capitalized, but neither are they in the law.
This is going to be interesting…