How can Shawn William Byrd not have written current items and science in so long!…Fiction

It is difficult to believe how long it has been since Shawn William Byrd has written a post, but it should not be surprising, as life is a busy thing. Of course, robot posters try to get their comments published, but they are met with a moderator. So much spam gets by on other websites, it is a shame that poor promotion is counted as helpful and traffic.

Is there anything else about which to write, that has not been written? Science has been making leaps and bounds with discoveries, such as spider silk with nano tubes, interstellar planets that could possibly host life, and even idiot celebrities, and their displays of fashion that falls short.

I could go on to linking from this article, but why? Read the blog and you can see what it does. Some promotion, some just random thoughts. This is not some serious piece of literature, but a fun outlet for branding and curiosity. There is genuine information presented here; just look for it.