Medical Conditions: Heart, Breast, and Other Cancer

What medical condition chills the heart? Cancer, and how it is usually first known, breast cancer. Unless you are at the end-stage level, there is not a need for urgent care. Anything to do with the heart usually does, though. Bronchitis is one of those that advances rather rapidly, and can be life-threatening. Yes, look for the signs of cancer. Yes, it is scary and life-threatening. Many cancers are preventable, curable, and avoidable. What is cancer? Basically, it is the abnormal, unchecked growth of what were healthy cells. Bronchitis stems from viral or bacterial infections. If SOPA passes, it may be less likely that you could find information about individuals who have/had cancer and heart problems. The urgent care they received, and how they may have posted their stories on the internet could be considered infringing on others (SOPA calls for any content), because people often use songs and images that have been mass-produced to help them convey their thoughts.

If I Have Cancer, How Should I Act?

Many people are diagnosed with cancer every day. It could be lung or breast cancer (high on the list, especially colon cancer). Some seek urgent care when they have heart problems, or bronchitis. It is said that some virus and bacteria strains (including those that cause bronchitis), can cause cancer. What are the signs of cancer? There are many kinds, some are so small, they may not be considered. This is what often occurs, because cancer, unlike urgent care issues, take years to develop, often out of our visibility. Get angry! Yell, question, ask “why me?”, just keep going! Learn as much as you can about cancer and other heart problems. Don’t stop until you are an expert. Your life may depend on it! SOPA may make it more difficult to get answers, but don’t let that get in your way. Breast cancer? Just visit the main sites for that; they advertise on TV. Colon cancer, lung, and others are less advertised, but kill so many others. Learn how it starts, and act. Let others know why you act the way you do, and they will be a lot more understanding.

A “Friend” Was Diagnosed With Cancer…Fiction

When I heard about my friend’s problem, the first emotion was fear, then denial. He had cancer. He could deal with heart problems: “just ship yourself to the nearest urgent care center, get some pills, and you’re fine!” Maybe, for bronchitis, but not breast cancer, or the kind he had. He ignored the signs of cancer; did not want to face it. Years went by, he even was schooled in medical technology, and knew the ways of biology. But still he did not listen. “I can’t have breast cancer, I’m a man!”, he would say. Because SOPA was not in force, he could trawl the underworld site if he wanted. Far out and outrageous cures were provided. But he still ignored the signs of cancer. This wasn’t bronchitis, or some other heart condition like his parents, this was eating away at him. What is cancer? It started as a man, then became the end of his story.