2012: Doomsday for Girl Scout Cookies! . . . Fiction

The end of the world will because there will be no more fun stuff to eat, like girl scout cookies. My calendar only has pages for 1 month at a time, so I will never reach the end of 2012, hence the end will never make it. Presidents Day 2012 is the actual start of the end of days. There will be the largest wedding of 2012 planned, it will not be hosted by a Mormon, in case you election-day people are worried. It has already been planned out; don’t you know how the government works?

All the girls on next new year’s calendar will be wearing a tattoo of a spacecraft with alien language. These usually go on sale in October, so mark your calendar once Presidents Day 2012 arrives. Girl scout cookies will also add a new flavor, something along the soylent green variety. Then, you can exclaim “it’s made of girls”. Maybe, the color will be similar to the girl scout cookies box, which is similar to the girls uniforms. Hmm. Time to go, my wedding to High Princess Alien Girl awaits.

How Many Girl Scout Cookies Sold in 2012

There are probably millions of girl scout cookies baked and eaten in 2012. Heck, by Presidents Day 2012 there must have been millions shoved down our throats (in a good way). The girls who sell them get some benefit (I assume funds for trips, uniforms, and the like), but what if you are having a wedding? Could you use some of the girl scout cookies for dessert, in addition to cake? Does a Mormon wedding have cookies and cake? What about ice cream? Mark your calendar: Presidents Day 2012 will have nothing but girls, I mean girl scout cookies! It’s not an adult birthday party, so it’s going to be cutesie, not raunchy. That would be in bad taste for a wedding, whether Catholic, Mormon, or otherwise.

Will The World End in 2012?

I don’t know about you, but the calendar in 2012 will keep on going. What indication is there? Besides the normal craziness, we still have Presidents Day 2012 to celebrate. Some girls may have their dreams come true, and have a wedding somewhere at the oceanfront. Don’t forget to order your girls scout cookies! If there are enough orders, then the world can’t end. You can’t just pay for something and not get it delivered. There are obviously other religions out there that believe the end of days. If you are Mormon, you subscribe to that as well, but don’t know of any particular date. There are all the side-street preachers and what some may affectionately call “crazies” predicting 2012 as the end of the world, but Mormon or otherwise, nobody really knows.

If we make it to Presidents Day 2012, then so far, so good. There’s still more calendar days left, more plans for a wedding to make, and more girl scout cookies to bake. Have you noticed that it is always the end of the world? Every generation has their predictions, some are vague, others extremely specific. Me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be celebrating 2013 long after my wedding.