North Korea has some issues, notes Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

I hear that North Korea, the DPRK, has some interesting nuclear news, Shawn Byrd has discovered. They are attempting to target the United States with nuclear weapons. Really, they have a rocket and everything!

Bomb strain posted by Shawn Byrd

How much credence should be given to this? Not much, but baby steps can take a person far. Of course, a rocket doesn’t step, it launches into the air, but it doesn’t fly, either. Through constant thrust, it travels. Ooh, baby, thrust! Digression…

Let’s see what the world would be like with a rocket attack on the U.S. It will be an either-or outcome. The United States has become kinda crappy with it’s response to attacks, especially with the Obama Administration. He is not a stand-up kind of President. He is, however, a street-minded politician who would doubly stab you in the back, or sucker punch you. The U.S. would probably whine and cry, because they would not try to wipe off the map an aggressor. Unless a nuclear bomb hit a major city like L.A., or Seattle. Then, maybe, there would be an issue.

One bomb, one strike, one win. The DPRK would now take over the U.S., because nobody wants to use nuclear weapons, right? I’d use them if it would save buttloads of lives. Ending a war quickly and efficiently makes sense, but some like to draw it out. So, DPRK wins, and we have food stalls all over the place, no weapons allowed, and we must bow to our great leader. Sci fi people would go ape, because all the propaganda posters and whatnot would be just like the movies. Get an “in” with the new government, and live the life of luxury.

Then, the world is the only thing left between this daydream and reality.

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Does Weather Affect News Polls?

I have always wondered how the weather plays a part in how the news reports voting. When people go out to support their candidates, like Ron Paul or even Gingrich, what happens when the weather is less-than-cooperative? Does CNN mention how many votes are lost when people can’t make it out? Sometimes, it is so bleak out, the school closings should affect them. Some places use schools for voting, but I believe the school closings are for classes, because I’ve seen them bring the salt and sand trucks for the evenings.

Maybe the weather affects if Ron Paul is ahead of Gingrich, depending upon a sunny day or otherwise. That’s getting a little soothsayer with predictions, but there’s always the talk of the stock market doing such-and-such while a particular candidates’ party is in office. Perhaps, but school closings could also be a predictor. The weather forecast could also be a voting forecast – brought to you by CNN.

Next on CNN: School Closings

Why should school closings be such an ordeal in decision making? Either it’s inclement weather, or it’s not. The strict requirements they place on attendance only makes the weather forecast a big deal, like Ron Paul. Don’t waffle when making school closings. Yes, some areas are large and have various degrees of affected roadways, etc.; it’s not like Gingrich is coming to town, and CNN has to take over. The news should report on things like elections, Ron Paul versus Gingrich, not the weather.

Our world is very competitive, and making school closings part of that does not make sense. Anybody who has kids knows that there needs to be some “wiggle room”, in other words a buffer for activities and decisions to be followed. I think five days is all that is allowed for school closings, not enough to cover the weather at certain times of the year. Maybe, we all should take our time and deal with rain, snow, heat, cold, and more by taking it in stride. The weather forecast is open-ended, unlike the lives we place under it’s rule.

The Weather Forecast Today Is. . . Fiction

Time to take over the world! What does Ron Paul have that any good dictator doesn’t? Maybe, it’s the lack of weather control devices! We’ll start by causing school closings around the country. Gingrich can makes speeches about his opponent, but we really know the root cause. As large as a house, bright and shiny chrome, hums like an electric transformer. That is what CNN would report about the “device”, but it is more than top secret. The news tells people what they think others should know, or is misinformed, and when CNN tells us Ron Paul is doing such-and-such, is he really?

The weather can make school closings occur because even one school in a particular district may have difficulty opening, so the remaining ones stay closed. Other times, the weather clears up within a couple hours. Will Gingrich or Ron Paul be the ones to take office, and rule the world? With some help from the other secret departments, probably anybody can rule the world. Puppets are kids’ toys, and people the world over poke fun at them. If the news reports a certain puppet is in office, watch for the weather, because there is a support crew behind them!