Top 5 Facts about The Fourth of July…Shawn William Byrd Thinks Funny!

Ok, you asked for it, so Shawn William Byrd is posting the top 5 facts about The Fourth of July:

In no particular order, they are:

1. It falls on the same day of the month, every year;
2. 99% of the time it is in the summer months;
3. There are plenty of burn accidents;
4. Pretty fires light up the sky;
5. Freedom, baby!

Of course, there are the barbeque gatherings, the fun with the fireworks (for those of you who live in a fireworks-friendly state), and the feeling of freedom.

If the facts seem a bit out of sorts, just know this: they are correct to within +/-1%, and they make more sense than not. Really, read them out loud and determine whether or not the previous sentence is accurate. As for being the “Top 5″, for the purpose of this article you can be your bottom dollar that they are. I mean, Shawn William Byrd is an authority on this [on this website], and will not obfuscate or bend the truth in any way. Neither for dollars nor pounds. Maybe pound cake, but not, because cheese cake is far superior. This is also a dessert served at many of the barbeques mentioned above.

Usually, the weather has to hold-out in order for the sky rockets to take flight. Look at the picture below, and tell my what you see:

This rainbow was seen and photographed by Shawn William Byrd. He is a researcher and has written numerous articles and performed experiments with electronics. This is one of his blogs that carries his articles.

A pretty rainbow, as Shawn William Byrd has photographed.

The weather has cooperated at that park, and a rainbow was left in place of the rain that had previously fallen. Thank you for looking, and Shawn William Byrd hopes that you and yours will continue to enjoy the Fourth of July, here in the U.S.

I Have Many Interests, But What Should Shawn Byrd Do?

Have you found yourself wondering what happens when you have a multitude of interests, yet try to define or describe yourself in a paragraph or two? When Shawn William Byrd had that issue, he decided on a solution that is tailored to him. There is the “About Me” page, which is one version. That was programmed accordingly; included is also a picture. Here is another “Author” page included in this blog. This one is set in the wordpress blog when making the account.

Strange how the same blog can give two slightly different stories about the same person. But what if I also have a Twitter account, another social network such as MySpace, or any number of resume or job-related sites? I found that your target demographic is the only one that matters. Job hunting? Use LinkedIn or another resume ( or Google+, for instance) to post something relevant to your needs.

Everybody is different, and so are one’s interests, hobbies, skills, and friends. One should most definitely avoid posting compromising pictures or posts. Tagged on Facebook in a not-so-flattering way? Delete, delete, delete. Manage your online presence (or at a minimum, the profile you use most often). Why not have many versions of yourself out there, I do. Shawn William Byrd is multi-talented, and wants to display it wherever is appropriate and to his advantage. You should, too.

Oh, and it is much easier when one’s life is self-directed, not pre-defined and structured based upon certain career or employer restrictions.

Christmas Time, Spend The Money!

Now that it is past Christmas, I’m sure you were wondering how Santa Claus had filled his sleigh with all sorts of goodies for you. You looked up the Norad tracking thingy, and “found” him, right? Did your dog go crazy when he came down the chimney? What kind of games did you get – how about those angry birds for your phone? You do realize that to pay for all of that stuff, Santa Claus probably had to rack up credit card debt. You might need to win the lottery to pay for all of that debt. Why spend so much money for Christmas? This is not coming from a religious or secular point of view, but one that is concerned with how much money is spent on things that aren’t needed. Some people may buy a dog for the kids, a new cell phone with angry birds and other games, or even Florida lottery tickets, hoping to win the big money. You may need that money, because the holidays get expensive when expectations are not met.

Stress, Santa Claus, and the Lottery

Have you noticed how stressful are the holidays? Christmas is one where Santa Claus brings gifts to all. But the pressure to be Santa Claus can be overwhelming. Even my dog would notice the chaos and how unhealthy it is. Why do we put up with this? It all seems to be that way. Know anyone who has no money, but plays the lottery, hoping for “the big one”? That’s stressful, too. Christmas in a household like that is geared to being able to have something, anything, to give. Norad could locate any number of homes where the opposite is true, except the expectations are very high. Why? It’s as if we are like those angry birds: just put us where you want, we’ll make a mess for you, but it is also what you want. You still can’t win, though. Things still won’t be going your way. Maybe, if I win the Florida lottery and all those millions, my problems will be solved! But you are still you, and until you change how you let things affect you, no lottery or talking dog will save your sanity at Christmas.

Lottery Winnings and a Dog…Fiction

I don’t trust a bank, so I received my lottery winnings as cash, and stuffed it into a mattress. Stereotypical, until you realize that my “space-age” material mattress is really a portal into a mountain, not unlike Norad or those other government things in the movies. The problem arose when I brought my dog home from a Christmas party where everybody dressed as Santa Claus. It was fun, there were a lot of drunks, but somehow my dog grew an extra set of teeth. He is a gifted animal. I noticed his ability to play video games. Angry birds was his favorite. Like I said, everything was fine until that Christmas morning, when we woke up. Santa Claus had come, and his body was left in the fireplace, halfway charred. As I mentioned, the dog is gifted, but for games, not firestarting. There were obvious tooth marks on Santa Claus, and I thought of how much money it would take to go around the world every year. Even the Florida lottery hasn’t had winnings that plentiful! Oh, the teeth, right. Well, that dog ate all my money, and now the portal is closed. Too bad, because there was a machine stored in there that could predict the winning lottery numbers every time. Catch 22, anyone?