How can Shawn William Byrd not have written current items and science in so long!…Fiction

It is difficult to believe how long it has been since Shawn William Byrd has written a post, but it should not be surprising, as life is a busy thing. Of course, robot posters try to get their comments published, but they are met with a moderator. So much spam gets by on other websites, it is a shame that poor promotion is counted as helpful and traffic.

Is there anything else about which to write, that has not been written? Science has been making leaps and bounds with discoveries, such as spider silk with nano tubes, interstellar planets that could possibly host life, and even idiot celebrities, and their displays of fashion that falls short.

I could go on to linking from this article, but why? Read the blog and you can see what it does. Some promotion, some just random thoughts. This is not some serious piece of literature, but a fun outlet for branding and curiosity. There is genuine information presented here; just look for it.

When Will 1984 Get Here, Asks Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

What happens when a society gets so corrupted by power and control, that not even Shawn William Byrd can manage to wrap his head around it? I suppose it will be a bit like George Orwell’s 1984.

One thing that I find interesting, is when reference to 1984 is meant to be exactly like the book. A true antagonist would tell you that only the core concepts need be followed. Change in attitudes towards other countries and belief systems, crowd and population control, surveillance of the populace, and the criminalization of and desensitization to most things. This “creeping” effect is what is dangerous and can get someone to their ultimate goal of total power.

It’s a shame, says Shawn Byrd, that this is happening. Ask those from other countries that had to fight for their freedom, they will tell you how precious and important it is. Most citizens here don’t know jack, and they are perfectly content to keep their head in the sand. Vernacular, love it!

This is not a rant or crazy idea post, but a heads-up on how ignorant of the past are too many people.

Look at history, look at the greed of others, look at how irrational behavior gets in levels of power that can control your every move. Think.

When in Boston Bombing, Shawn William Byrd doesn’t Know Why…Fiction

Holy hand grenades, Batman! As noted by Shawn William Byrd, there was a bombing here in the U.S., just like any other country in the world. There are those who don’t know what the hell is going on, but we do. It’s an invasion…of the invading invaders!

No, I am not going to make light of the deaths/injuries of the honorable victims. I will also not joke about the severity of the purpose of this [bombing and terror] operation. I just won’t be saying who I think may be involved. That’s all, nothing else.

Invading invaders invade a town. A big town, full of people. Rambling on like Led Zeppelin, the story keeps going, but it ultimately leads to a secret base. A secret so secret that it isn’t even know to it’s creator! How? By not only working on the secret in pieces, it was also fashioned by multiple parties (drunken orgies, more like), so as not to reveal the actual purpose of the secretive secret that secretes secrecy.

Jeez louise, this was a lame post.

Get Your Ducks In A Row…by Shawn William Byrd – Fiction

Did you know that Shawn William Byrd found out what the term “ducks in a row” means? It goes a little like this:

Shawn William Byrd ducks small a picture of three plastic ducks

Shawn William Byrd ducks small a picture of three plastic ducks

Bakers would have to get there ingredients, and especially the yeast, ready for the days’ baking. Their method for setting up their workspace was such that all things aligned at the edge of the table, so it would be easy for them to place the various ingredients in the mixer.

Once they finished mixing the dough, and after the final rise, but just before they placed the pans in the oven, is when the magic happened. The way they let people know that the bread would be ready to eat was to place their pet ducks in the windows of the shop. Each baker was required (by order of the King), to have three ducks on premises at all times.

Now, the ducks did not like the smell of the yeasty bread, so they would huddle together in the window, and since it was a narrow sill, they would look as if they were “in a row”. Shawn Byrd believes this, and so should you!

The White House State of Union by Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

So, if the State of the Union address by President Obama is disappointing, what should we do, writes Shawn William Byrd?

I don’t know, but some people are inclined to think it the end of the world. Did you know it has been the end of the world for every generation since the dawn of time? Really. There is always something going on that ends the lives and livelihood of others. Unfortunately, that is a true statement. However, what causes the end constantly changes over time.

Thyme is interesting in that it makes food taste good. If you are a chef or involved in the food-service industry, then you know about what I write.

This is an idiotic post, something forced and unnatural. Like the undead, or some of these gawd-awful movie stars who can’t keep there opinions to themselves. They probably want to say crass or uplifting statements about Obama, but what does that lip service actually represent? Hot air, most likely. Action movies are pretty neat, though.

When Will The Shooting Stop…by Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

Of the many things in the news, Shawn Byrd has noticed the Second Amendment fights, the gun debate, and all the tin foil hat stuff. There is the Adam Lanza thing, which nobody seems to be able to get their head around. What if, and I’m just going out on a limb, but what if this world was just like The Matrix? It would then all make sense, right.

Imagine, nobody is really hurt or dead, because it is a simulation in our brain. There is no disease or famine, no pain or suffering. Even the bullets are simply the simulated nerve signals, and our brain believes them to be real. It was an intriguing movie, and if true, all the questions of life would be answered.

However, Shawn thinks that we would now have to explain the reality before the simulation. So maybe this is the pre-simulation part of the story, and all this pain and fighting is real.


North Korea has some issues, notes Shawn William Byrd…Fiction

I hear that North Korea, the DPRK, has some interesting nuclear news, Shawn Byrd has discovered. They are attempting to target the United States with nuclear weapons. Really, they have a rocket and everything!

Bomb strain posted by Shawn Byrd

How much credence should be given to this? Not much, but baby steps can take a person far. Of course, a rocket doesn’t step, it launches into the air, but it doesn’t fly, either. Through constant thrust, it travels. Ooh, baby, thrust! Digression…

Let’s see what the world would be like with a rocket attack on the U.S. It will be an either-or outcome. The United States has become kinda crappy with it’s response to attacks, especially with the Obama Administration. He is not a stand-up kind of President. He is, however, a street-minded politician who would doubly stab you in the back, or sucker punch you. The U.S. would probably whine and cry, because they would not try to wipe off the map an aggressor. Unless a nuclear bomb hit a major city like L.A., or Seattle. Then, maybe, there would be an issue.

One bomb, one strike, one win. The DPRK would now take over the U.S., because nobody wants to use nuclear weapons, right? I’d use them if it would save buttloads of lives. Ending a war quickly and efficiently makes sense, but some like to draw it out. So, DPRK wins, and we have food stalls all over the place, no weapons allowed, and we must bow to our great leader. Sci fi people would go ape, because all the propaganda posters and whatnot would be just like the movies. Get an “in” with the new government, and live the life of luxury.

Then, the world is the only thing left between this daydream and reality.

Taking Vegas By Storm. . . Fiction

When looking to take over the world, one needs a hotel and a way to get there, such as Jetblue or Southwest airlines. Save money, so you can spend it on evil robots. Vegas is a good place to start. Just book the Super 8 or any other Las Vegas hotel, and get started with your robot army. Get your crew on some Expedia flights, and meet up in Disneyland. Nobody would look at you differently, because you will be in “costume”. You can make your secret base in the southwest, and use Southwest air to get there, probably in Arizona or New Mexico.

You should dismantle a Las Vegas hotel, or any other hotel, and transfer it by truck to your base. If you make it look like a Super 8, maybe you might get some additional henchmen! Takeover Jetblue, and then control air traffic around the globe!