Did Prometheus Give Us Humans a Free Download?…Fiction

We know what Prometheus did, steal from the gods. But when Steve Jobs and Windows become the “gods” of computers, where is Prometheus when we need him? Free downloads of Windows 7 could save a lot of money, but it’s all in the iCloud right now (I’m in the future, just so’s ya know). You can get Windows 8, 9, and Doors 7 (sounds melodic). I’ll say hey to Steve, if he’s not busy. No disrespect to the deceased, it’s needed for the story. You are free to download this article, if you like. My reference to the iCloud is supposed to make you think the stereotypical version of the heavens, clouds and angels and things like that. Up here, though, Windows doesn’t blue screen. If it did, we could download another copy.

Did Prometheus Leave The iCloud With a Free Download?

With all the things that developed into Windows and Steve Jobs with his company, free downloads was not one of them. You can’t get a free download of Windows 7 or the new Windows 8 for that matter. Everything is protected. A lot of work goes into those types of products, so it is understandable. It’s just a product you can’t physically touch that’s difficult to comprehend. If things get stored on the iCloud, it may be torrent-like, and any download could be broken-up on different machines. Then, if someone doesn’t want you to download it, Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) and company may deem one part of the iCloud file set un-downloadable. Free Windows 8? Unless an employee gets real excited when they see the new Prometheus movie, and acts like the main character (assuming it stays relatively true), then Prometheus will get fired. And probably jail time for theft.

Windows 7, Free Downloads, and Steve Jobs

It was a long time ago when Steve Jobs was part of the home computer revolution. He branched away, and Mac (Apple back then) came to pass. So too, did Microsoft and the line of Windows operating systems. They practically dominate the marketplace, although there are free alternatives out there; many of which are full-featured. With all the free stuff, you would think that free downloads would be commonplace (and they are), but even if Steve Jobs was a free thinker, he created some crazy amount of protectionism. He certainly wasn’t about to go Prometheus on Bill Gates; they both were set to make a mountain of money. The iCloud can help with things, and I’m sure some of it will be on those free OS systems. Heck, maybe even Windows 8 (no downloading, yet) can be better than Windows 7 (which is already pretty cool).