Whoa, Shawn William Byrd is going to complain.

So, Shawn William Byrd has a complaint. There is this company with initials, we’ll just make them similar to AS&S (get it?!). So what if the “S” comes before “T”. Moving along, what happened was the morning broke without available internet service.

Then Shawn William Byrd takes command of the situation to troubleshoot the hardware first. Any tech support would be costly, and is usually a waste of time for him. Result: a modem was kaput; only it was 5 months old. At least it was under warranty. By the way, this modem was the result of a previous issue regarding this same company. This was at 9AM on a Saturday.

He calls in and “we do not know of any problems…”; same bullsh*t most companies give out to keep you away from them (or to spend money on a service call). The warranted modem has it’s free replacement at a local store (about 40 miles, but it is faster than 4 days of waiting). Get it, install it, try to make it work with current network: no. Still no dice. This was done by about noon or 1PM.

Shawn Byrd is calling in numerous times throughout the day, they finally say the internet is out, first noted around 3:30PM or so. Really? I told them that already. It will be working about 11:20 PM. No. Then at 4:20AM next day. No. Long story short: 2 days go by, it finally returns to normal. Or does it.

The replacement modem is dumbed down to be used only on one device. This is apparently par for the course. I suppose tech support needs some work. Shawn Byrd eventually sets up the network a different (but more useful) way, and works around the crippled hardware.

He made it work, and further reinforced his lack of faith in big companies.

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Tracking a UPS Package Sent to NDAA Headquarters…Fiction

There we were, outside Fedex on a “dark and stormy night”. I know, it’s corny, but just keep reading. We had a rush order of blank packing slips for USPS that were made to order. One way to save costs is to use local businesses, instead of the government bloat commonly found using their contractors. We had accidentally used a UPS tracking number for it, instead of the Fed Ex tracking slip. Oops. The NDAA was already on our back, due to the “practical joke” someone played on Christopher Hitchens. I guess Christopher Hitchens got the last laugh, because now my boss can’t return the UPS package sent to him. Good one! Well, Fed Ex opened for business (in our pretend city, the hours are opposite, alright). They took the UPS tracking, because Fedex happened to buy both UPS and USPS. Now the name reads “The Alphabet”.

Where Did My UPS Tracking Number Take Me!

Of all the methods used to follow UPS (or Postal Service, aka USPS) packages, tracking numbers are probably the easiest to confirm. Just go to the Fed Ex tracking website, as you would also use the USPS tracking site, enter your number, and see where your package may or may not be. You know who else also is big into tracking? The NDAA. They probably have your USPS or Fedex tracking information, along with UPS numbers, too. Christopher Hitchens would surely take issue with that. Of course, the NDAA is tracking this article. Well, maybe, but it isn’t going via UPS. How many packages do you think Christopher Hitchens has sent through FedEx? Probably quite a bit; most people ship a lot of things over their life times.

How Should I Send My Packages: UPS, FED EX, or USPS?

There are many methods for shipping packages. UPS and USPS tracking is available, if you want to know where your package is or was. It is important to follow a shipment, and UPS tracking is automatic, whereas USPS is not. Fed Ex is automatic, too; but those items seem to be better suited to documents and the like. It is very easy to track those shipments online, in your web browser. I don’t know if Facebook has a UPS tracker, but please check for me. Now, with the passing of NDAA, will tracking information be automatically sent out to “others”? One could argue that the NDAA allows for this because it is in the “national interest”. Christopher Hitchens (R.I.P.) could have argued all day with this. FedEx tracking is electronic, so is UPS. You’ve seen those handheld scanner pads, haven’t you? As a hypothetical, if Christopher Hitchens entered the waiting room of the afterlife (he did say something about hoping is allowed), do we all get tracking numbers, just in case? I guess that would be limbo, otherwise.

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