What Does Shawn William Byrd Have in Store for 2014?

We don’t really know what the end of 2013 will bring for Shawn William Byrd, but we do know that the year will end somewhere in the evening of December 31, 2013. Seems to happen around the same time every year. Haha.

Was it a difficult year? That depends upon your perspective. Once you get a few years under your belt (meaning you are getting older), there are always tough decisions to make, losses to bear, and gains that are wonderful!

Do I really need to get to 500 words for this? No, because this is my post, not some SEO crunch or paid piece. Although, feel free to donate PayPal to me! The new year will, hopefully, be filled with happiness and joy, richness and fullness, healthfulness and loch ness.

See you in the future!

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