Top 5 Facts about The Fourth of July…Shawn William Byrd Thinks Funny!

Ok, you asked for it, so Shawn William Byrd is posting the top 5 facts about The Fourth of July:

In no particular order, they are:

1. It falls on the same day of the month, every year;
2. 99% of the time it is in the summer months;
3. There are plenty of burn accidents;
4. Pretty fires light up the sky;
5. Freedom, baby!

Of course, there are the barbeque gatherings, the fun with the fireworks (for those of you who live in a fireworks-friendly state), and the feeling of freedom.

If the facts seem a bit out of sorts, just know this: they are correct to within +/-1%, and they make more sense than not. Really, read them out loud and determine whether or not the previous sentence is accurate. As for being the “Top 5″, for the purpose of this article you can be your bottom dollar that they are. I mean, Shawn William Byrd is an authority on this [on this website], and will not obfuscate or bend the truth in any way. Neither for dollars nor pounds. Maybe pound cake, but not, because cheese cake is far superior. This is also a dessert served at many of the barbeques mentioned above.

Usually, the weather has to hold-out in order for the sky rockets to take flight. Look at the picture below, and tell my what you see:

This rainbow was seen and photographed by Shawn William Byrd. He is a researcher and has written numerous articles and performed experiments with electronics. This is one of his blogs that carries his articles.

A pretty rainbow, as Shawn William Byrd has photographed.

The weather has cooperated at that park, and a rainbow was left in place of the rain that had previously fallen. Thank you for looking, and Shawn William Byrd hopes that you and yours will continue to enjoy the Fourth of July, here in the U.S.

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