Math versus Science

Which career path should I take: a math version, where I teach at schools or think tanks, or a science field, with engineering and building? Whichever one I choose, Windows 7 probably has some math games, at high-levels of course, to help me decide which discipline to follow. If I choose math, I could design the machines that have Windows 7 running on them, I could make math games, or even determine the ever-changing distance of the moon in relation to other celestial bodies. With science, I could learn about the moon and it’s effects on the earth, how the winter solstice plays a role in weather, or if the rift that occurs when tectonic plates pull apart will decimate our world.

It actually depends on whether the moon is on my screen saver or in the My Pictures folder on my Windows 7 computer. I like both, equally. The time leading to the winter solstice is conducive to math, because I stay indoors, away from rain and cold temperatures. But the science aspect of scool is fascinating because I like the physical sciences better, since they are hands-on and I get to use tools. There’s still math involved, especially if a rift is discovered in a substrate on a machine. There is a whole science behind fixing problems like that.

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