Should I Use Craigslist For Quotes?

If I want to sell something, I can use my local Craigslist and not have to include shipping in the price. Of course, not everybody is honest, and ebay may be an alternative. When listing things for sale last year, I had to check my 2011 calendar for holidays, like Martin Luther King day. People don’t usually order on days like that. Google for holidays, and you can keep current by adding them to your 2011 calendar. You could also look for quotes, and spice up your product listings. These new taglines might help you sell, and even land a gig where you sell so much, you need a 1099 form for taxes!

I don’t know if the Seattle Craigslist is the same as the craigslist listings elsewhere, but for local product quotes, either is helpful. When looking to buy items, you should comparison shop using google or ebay. You may get it cheaper if you order it and wait. On days that celebrate people like Martin Luther King, or presidents, or others, print a blank 1099 form and familiarize yourself with tax laws. Just don’t do it all day, everyone needs a break.

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