Christmas Time, Spend The Money!

Now that it is past Christmas, I’m sure you were wondering how Santa Claus had filled his sleigh with all sorts of goodies for you. You looked up the Norad tracking thingy, and “found” him, right? Did your dog go crazy when he came down the chimney? What kind of games did you get – how about those angry birds for your phone? You do realize that to pay for all of that stuff, Santa Claus probably had to rack up credit card debt. You might need to win the lottery to pay for all of that debt. Why spend so much money for Christmas? This is not coming from a religious or secular point of view, but one that is concerned with how much money is spent on things that aren’t needed. Some people may buy a dog for the kids, a new cell phone with angry birds and other games, or even Florida lottery tickets, hoping to win the big money. You may need that money, because the holidays get expensive when expectations are not met.

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