How to Use Google and Yahoo Mail to Take Over the World. . . Fiction

First, get a Google account. Second, Get a Yahoo mail account. Third, get a Galaxy Nexus. Fourth, find Popcorn Sutton (don’t get drunk while looking). Fifth, post drunken whiskey searching “escapades” on Tumblr. Sixth, skip seventh. Eighth, upload magic carbon nano tubes through all mail accounts. Make sure to sign on before doing so. Yahoo will probably block transmission, however you will most likely get a ratings bump from Google. Strange, but the Galaxy Nexus signed on to Yahoo mail, and told me I won a prize for being the one-millionth visitor! That will make the world takeover that much easier. Tumblr will meet it’s match when I sign on, because one weapon eliminates cloth material. Should be fun. Google it, just change your search level to “off” from “moderate”.

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