Windows 7, Free Downloads, and Steve Jobs

It was a long time ago when Steve Jobs was part of the home computer revolution. He branched away, and Mac (Apple back then) came to pass. So too, did Microsoft and the line of Windows operating systems. They practically dominate the marketplace, although there are free alternatives out there; many of which are full-featured. With all the free stuff, you would think that free downloads would be commonplace (and they are), but even if Steve Jobs was a free thinker, he created some crazy amount of protectionism. He certainly wasn’t about to go Prometheus on Bill Gates; they both were set to make a mountain of money. The iCloud can help with things, and I’m sure some of it will be on those free OS systems. Heck, maybe even Windows 8 (no downloading, yet) can be better than Windows 7 (which is already pretty cool).

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